Chafe Mat™ by Chafe-Pro®


The Chafe-Mat, constructed with an outer layer of abrasion resistant ballistic nylon and soft porous underside, is an anti-chafe device that protects the boat’s finish or wood rails from fender lines or mooring lines.
Installation is simple, slip the Chafe-Mat over the boat’s cleat and then tie the fender or mooring line to the cleat.  The Chafe-Mat will take the abrasion caused by the lines.
To prevent the Chafe-Mat from slipping out of position, Chafe-Pro®’s proprietary material, ShoreGrip®, is located on the underside holding the mat in place.  When getting underway, the Chafe-Mat is easily removed when the lines are taken in.
For those who like a little personalization to their accessories, look no further!  Chafe-Pro offers custom embroidery for a reasonable fee.

Standard Chafe-Mats (21” x 21”) retail for $84.99 each and embroidered mats are just $124.99 each!  Custom sized Chafe-Mats are available upon request.

CM-08 Fits cleat horns up to 8” long. 21” x 21”
CM-11 Fits cleat horns up to 11” long. 21” x 21”
Custom Embroidery * Allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.
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