Our Unique Product Characteristics

Chafe-Pro® manufactures anti-chafing devices for mooring lines, fender lines, eye splices, ship tow & ship assist lines,
hydraulic hoses, and shore power lines.  As a result of our unique designs, each one of our product categories
surpasses the expectations and demands of our customers.

High Resistance to Abrasion

Chafe-Pro®, made from marine grade abrasion-resistant polyester and nylon textiles, is designed to protect lines and boats from abrasion.

Ease of Installation & Removal

Chafe-Pro® is hand wrapped around the line to be protected. It can be installed on lines already in position.

No Lacing/Lashing of Lines Required

Chafe-Pro® uses a unique arrangement of nylon hooks to hold it in its protective position.

Mildew Resistant

Chafe-Pro® units will not deteriorate from the effects of mildew.

Additional Applications

– Keep lines coiled
– Cover shroud/stay turnbuckles
– Keep sails furled on booms
– Rock & mountain climbing
– High-rise window washing

High Flexibility

Chafe-Pro® can be installed in an eye-splice turned on a capstan or windlass, or heaved through a chock.

UV Protection

Chafe-Pro® units are resistant to damage from UV radiation.

Chafe-Pro® Mission

Chafe-Pro® strives to be the leading manufacturer of removable chafe-abrasion protection devices sold to the marine and maritime communities.

Chafe-Pro® seeks to provide its customers with high performance chafing gear that will meet or exceed expectations and satisfy their unique applications.

Chafe-Pro® aspires to carry a reputation in the marketplace for developing and supplying the most cost-effective devices used for the protection of marine ropes, vessel finishes and hydraulic hoses from chafe-abrasion and deterioration due to the harsh marine environment.

Chafe-Pro® continues its research efforts in designing, finding, and using better and more cost-effective materials in its product line.

Chafe-Pro® Guarantee

Chafe-Pro® specializes in the manufacturing of chafe-abrasion protection devices. We guarantee our products will outlast and outperform all removable anti-chafe devices, when tested under the same conditions.