Commercial Marine

Commercial Marine

Chafe gear for the Commercial Marine industry has benefitted from engineering improvements over the years; leading the way has been the R&D team at Chafe-Pro®.  Protective covers, for synthetic lines, from other manufacturers have been made out of many different materials, none of which have been found to be as durable as Chafe-Pro®’s proprietary nylon weave. 

High-priced synthetic ropes need that extra layer of protection and Chafe-Pro® offers just that!  At a reasonable and economical price point, Chafe-Pro® products don’t protect just rope they also protect cordage budgets.  Several of our commercial fleet customers have saved millions of dollars in their cordage costs over a span of just a few years by using Chafe-Pro®.

Protecting the lines of the US Navy and the US Coast Guard for over 20 years, Chafe-Pro® products have established themselves as the industry leader in removable chafe guards available to commercial marines, shipping and towing companies worldwide.  With the dependability that is needed from chafe gear, Chafe-Pro® is the go to solution for protecting synthetic lines.

Chafe-Pro® offers chafe solutions for:
•  Anchor Lines
•  Eye Splices
•  Hydraulic Hoses
•  Mooring Lines
•  Ship Assist Lines
•  Ship Tow Lines

To order our Commercial Marine models please contact our office or one of our authorized dealers.