Recreational to Megayachts

Recreational to Megayachts

The best type of chafe gear to rely on in a storm or an area that sees a good amount of tidal surge is one that has high resistance to abrasion, doesn’t cause heat build-up in the line, can be easily installed and stays in place.  Chafe-Pro® products are the only chafe guards on the market to offer all of that! For over 20 years Chafe-Pro® products have been the industry leader for removable and affordable chafe protection devices. In 2011 Chafe-Pro® was awarded Practical Sailor’s Gear of the Year Award for the best chafe gear in the marine industry.

In addition to protecting lines from chafe abrasion, Chafe-Pro® offers the Wooly and ScuffGuard product lines.  Softer than the typical Chafe-Pro® units, these are designed to protect the finish of the vessels or teak/wooden surface areas from the constant rubbing of mooring and/or fender lines. 

Boaters that may be looking for an alternative to wrapping a chafe guard around their dock or fender lines look no further, Chafe-Pro®’s Chafe-Mat™ is an anti-chafe device that slips over a cleat and takes the wear and tear of the lines.

All Chafe-Pro® products are proudly made in the USA in our North Carolina facility. 

Chafe-Pro® offers chafe solutions for:

•  Anchor Lines
•  Mooring Lines
•  Fender Lines
•  Shore Service Lines
•  Transom Lines

Not just limited to chafe guards, Chafe-Pro® also offers:

•  Chafe-Mats
•  Fender Hooks

Check back for more products coming soon!