STREP™ – Static Rope Edge Protector

Static Rope Edge Protector (STREP)

Chafe-Pro®’s Static Rope Edge Protector (STREP) was developed at the request of a window-washing company that needed to protect their static lines from chafing on the edge of the high-rise buildings they maintained. Our R&D team listened to their needs and delivered the STREP unit. Constructed using the same proprietary nylon weave that is used in Chafe-Pro®’s Commercial Series, the STREP unit is designed to withstand sharp angles and abrasive surfaces and protect the static line contained within. With an inner liner of yellow ballistic nylon to provide not only another barrier between the surface and the rope, but also to serve as a warning indicator that the unit needs to be replaced. The STREP unit is lightweight and flexible making for convenient storage, yet durable to protect those important static lines. Protect static lines from chafing on:
  • Sharp edges
  • Rough surfaces
  • Angled surfaces
Constructed of Chafe-Pro®’s proprietary nylon weave:
  • Same material used in our Commercial Series chafe guards.
Free sliding unit:
  • Rope is able to freely pass through chafe guard without catching on velcro hooks.
  • Gives the climber or user ability to use the product for various applications.
Anchor Loop:
  • Each unit has an anchor loop sewn in to one end.
  • Allows user to anchor the chafe guard in a set location by using another rope or form of tether to keep the unit in the desired application area.
  • Window washing
  • High-rise maintenance
  • Rock climbers
  • Rappelling
Sharp edges and rough surfaces damage rope. When your life depends on that rope, you want edge protection.